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Friday, 20 May 2011

'Fifty' debuts on Authonomy

Sample chapters from my current book project, Fifty, debuted on Authonomy May 20, a little under a week since I began working on its manuscript.

Via a collection of essays, Fifty's main character Randella "Randi" Gage offers both wisdom and wit on remaining unmarried by choice, procrastinating knee surgery, insights on hearing loss, favorite witty answers to nosy or "dumb" questions, weight battles, tips for looking fabulous at fifty, her milestone birthday, and other topics to which the fiftysomething can identify.

One reader's feedback on this work in progress: "Sometimes a book comes along right when you need it and this book did just that for me. Wow - I have lived this life - this book will be a hit considering the demographics of the audience who buy the most amount of books is menopausal women!"

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