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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Kate Rigby

Promoting Kate Rigby

Kate Rigby

About Kate - in my words
Kate is a truly warm hearted and very generous woman that is so difficult to find today. She is so supportive of other people and her sister, Ann who helps with design of Kate's books is equally as pleasant. It is for this reason, I have decided to surprise them both by promoting Kate and her books. She is a prolific writer and has approximately 14 books already written and published. Modest to a fault, no one much hears about all of this and so I would like to tell you about it now.
You can read far more about her, see her books, read excerpts and find out where to buy them all by visiting Kate's site  KIR BOOKS
About Kate - in her words
I was born in Crosby, Liverpool and now live in Devon. I studied Psychology at Southampton, though I’ve given up paid work on health grounds. I’ve had six books published (5 fiction) and some short stories published or shortlisted. I’ve been writing novels for over thirty years now. I was trying to count up how many books I’d written - I think it was 14 at the last count!
I love cats, singing, music and LFC - and especially when cats sing You'll Never Walk Alone. I love the smell of Calamine Lotion, Rugosa and basil.
Just a little sample of what you can expect to see when visiting Kate's own site:

When we are young, we all hope that even if we are not totally hip, we are not completely unhip.
With age, we begin to realise that we have had more than a few embarrassing moments and tastes and, maybe more to our surprise, we don't really care.
There are days when we are unhip and proud of it.
Part social commentary, part autobiography, here are some of KJ Rigby's confessions of some of her less hip moments.
" .... Rigby wickedly relates her run ins with hipness, and unhipness as the case often is, with regard to the items on her top 50 list of things unhip, and I found myself relating to so many of her stories.  It made me feel a sense of camaraderie with every unhip person out there, knowing that in our communal uncoolness, there is something awesomely cool.  And I, for one, loved Leo Sayer as a teenager, I am just saying.
I think this book is perfect for Brits with a good sense of humor, and Americans with a good sense of adventure.  When you traverse into unfamiliar territory, there is always wikipedia, right?  This was a nice, light comic read, that left me giggling, and pondering the possibilities of an American equivalent.  I highly recommend it."  Tiffany Harkleroad
Little Guide to Unhip had me in stitches...beige ones, of course! What an excellent idea for a book. There are 50 entries, and each on is just as hilarious at the one before. My faves so far are the chapters on Early Birds, Sitting Downstairs on the Bus, Badminton, Holiday in Austria and Leo Sayer. Poor K. J. Rigby is one unhip gal. And what I find hilarious is the inevitable appearance in many of the entries of K.J.'s sister "Ann," the two girls struggling to attain entry into hipsterdom that they will sadly never come (especially as Going Places With Your Sister is another entry!). Christmas is another chapter here that is hilarious, and, actually, I believe this is a marvelous book would be a wonderful stocking stuffer for that most unhip of holidays. Buy copies for all the family!! Vince C
The above is only one of many, so I advise you to CLICK HERE and go see for yourself all the wonderful delights Ms Rigby has on offer for you.

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