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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lisa Weidmeier

Author Showcase
Part Two -  Lisa Weidmeier – Cheyenne – A Timeless Series Novel, Book One
Part One – Mike Read – dayrealing
Lisa Weidmeier – Cheyenne – A Timeless Series Novel, Book One
The second author we have the pleasure in showcasing is Lisa Weidmeier. Here’s what Lisa has to say…….
about me
Who am I? Mother, wife, sister, friend, storyteller, dreamer and hopefully soon to be a published author.
As a child you dream of what you will be when you grow up, journalist, lawyer, accountant, interior designer. I can honestly say that some of these things did cross my mind. For the last thirteen years I have owned my own bookkeeping business, I was about to go back to school to become an interior designer (had a passion in that area), when my vision—dream changed.
I can’t say that it was a traumatic experience that caused everything to fall into place. It was if suddenly I woke up. I woke up and realized I had a passion deep inside of me that had been buried beneath the rubble of my “other things”. It was my husband who said, “Slow down, take in what is around you and enjoy it.” I finally listened after 21 years and took his advice. It wasn’t pretty at first, but then I began to see a change in me, a change that I have come to embrace. Oh, I’m still driven, but the focus of my drive has changed.
Since May of 2009, I have completed eight books in the Timeless Series. The eight is a stand alone novel, a side story on one of my favorite characters. I am as amazed as the next person at what has come out of my thoughts, daydreams. What makes it even more incredible is that I am dyslexic, writing has not always been my strongest suit, however, creativity has always been a gift. It is with this gift of creativity that I have written these eight books.
I have poured my heart and soul into them and what you read will have you laughing and crying, angry and frustrated. I will draw you in and create an addiction to want to know more. I will take you down paths that will keep you enthralled, guessing at what will happen next. There are so many twist and turns you will think you’ve figured it out only to find out that you didn’t. I will leave you hanging and dying for more.
My husband always told me I lived in my own world and well, now it is official. “Honey, this is your one and only written public notice – I am just as crazy as you said. You will never hear it from my mouth . . . only here. You will ask and I will deny, it’s my lot in life to drive you nuts!”
I currently reside in Meridian, Idaho with my husband of twenty two years, my two son’s, eighteen and fourteen, an eleven year old chocolate lab named Sam, and two year old crazy yellow lab named Mandi.
A Timeless Series Novel, Book One
Murder, romance, secrets and hidden pasts. Deception from every angle–who’s telling the truth?
Cheyenne Wilson, suddenly encounters drastic and life changing events when the tragedy of her adoptive parents murder thrusts her into a secret world of powers she never knew existed. As she is fleeing her parents’ murderer’, her true identity is revealed—the secret of her birth parents and the royal line of family from which she comes—a royal line that was long thought to be extinct.
She is from a line of people termed Timeless. Human now, her mind runs wild as she is told she will transform into a Timeless being by the age of twenty-one. Timeless, a form of immortality, she will age one year for every one hundred human years and the likelihood that she will have powers is great– manipulate the elements as her father or persuasion as her mother?
Romantic thoughts and feelings for the young men who come into her life threaten to overtake and soon a love triangle develops between two brothers. One is a forbidden love that will forever hold her heart and the other is her destiny–her betrothed. Her strength, confidence and determination are holding on by a shoestring as she fights to make it another year.
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