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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lorraine Holloway-White


Under The spotlight today is Authors On Shows’ very own  Lorraine Holloway White – Loud applause and whistling, whilst Lorraine does a wobbly curtsey.
I travelled down to the West Country to meet Lorraine Holloway White in her lovely home. As we sat in a beautiful room overlooking the garden where she does most of her writing I began my interrogation …………
So Lorraine, what do you find the most difficult thing about writing?
Well Tee The most difficult thing about writing is not what to say, but finding time to say it. There is always a demand on one’s time and writing is a very selfish pastime or occupation. It means locking a door and not coming up for air until all the words swarming in your head have been put on paper. I am a very prolific writer and my latest book started with me doing 35,000 words in three days. That took a lot of time and now I have to try to find that same amount of free time to continue with it.
My way of writing is to write the whole book out in one fell swoop over a matter of weeks. That way all of it is down and written while it’s still fresh in my mind. After that, I can then edit in a far more relaxed way. It is then mistakes are corrected, chunks taken out and other chunks put in in place of them. I never edit as I go. I tried that once and it drove me mad. I would rather go for it and get it over and done with.
Anything more Lorraine that you want to tell us about?
I have a fourth book ready to go, but did the editing so slowly all the way through I got bored with it. It’s like having a favourite sweet. You eat it till it’s coming out of your ears or you’re sick on it and then you never touch that sweet again for years. That’s what happened with my fourth book. I’ll never write slowly and edit as I go again. It’s for that reason no one has ever seen it. One day I’ll go back and it’ll be fresh again, that’s when I might show it to people and get it published.
The three books I have written and self-published are on mediumship and healing. One is inspired by the world of spirit and is a guide on how it should be practised today as in their words. The other two are not so delicately written and are in my words. As I shoot from the hip, what you get is rather different from most spiritual books that say almost anything goes in spiritual work. I say how it should be done without strange rituals or the fame, ego and greed that is sadly so readily seen today. I also strongly dispute the trend that says mediumship and healing can be taught – it can’t.
As a psychic/clairvoyant and possessing of other gifts, I can empathise with that last comment Lorraine.
Anyway I digress, I can talk for England sometimes.
Have you anything else coming up that steers away from your natural gifts?
Yes Tee my latest book takes me away from my usual field of mediumship and healing to the world of fiction with murder in mind. I adore it. Fiction is the most incredible thing I have discovered and I love writing it. You can make anyone do anything you like, say anything and get away with it all if you want them to. Obviously it has to be believable, but artistic licence is a brilliant thing I wish I’d discovered many years ago and I just wish we could apply it to real life sometimes!
You’re a self published author Lorraine. Highs and Lows ……?
It doesn’t worry me at all about being self-published apart from one thing – marketing. That is the hardest part. It has to be done, but it seems almost like prostituting yourself at times. It’s awful annoying friends with constant tweets and postings on FB pages. It isn’t a problem elsewhere, but I wish FB had a way of posting for everyone but friends to see what you’ve said.
I would now love to see my books put into print by a publisher who would take over the marketing from me. That way I could do some, but nowhere near the amount I have to do now. A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing is the one I’d love to see sold throughout the world and in every spiritualist church so the standards of teaching and practising of mediumship were raised. Maybe a publisher will pick it up and that will happen. I do hope so.
My biggest gripe today is the fact so many big publishing houses are giving publishing deals and huge advances to people whose only contribution to the book ‘they’ve written’ is the signature at their book signings.
I have had the pleasure of getting to know many authors who have written superb books and don’t get a deal because they are not a celebrity. In fact, I had one publishing house take my book to the final stage of consideration only to eventually be told they adored my book, A Guide’s Guide, but were turning it down for now because I wasn’t well-known enough. I was told to go and get known and bring it back to them when they’d publish it.
So Lorraine getting away from the writer, lets hear about the private Lorraine which I’m now going to make public. You thought you would get away with this bit – HAH No Chance! You know my style of interview.
So how about it eh?
Ok then Tee, I used to love oil painting and even sold some at one time. I have also had some poetry published many years ago and was a sports reporter for a magazine that is now defunct. I used to interview top sports people and write articles about them.
I also worked in advertising for a newspaper. Each year, all the national and regional newspapers entered their best advertisement features of the year into a competition to find the best in the country and an eight page supplement I was solely responsible for who won the top award.
Your Hobbies
My favourite pastime is eating out or relaxed and informal meals with friends – preferably outdoors. There is nothing quite like eating in the fresh air over a relaxed meal and a bottle of dry white wine.  …………Talking of drinks Lorraine …………
Lawn bowls is something I started a couple of years ago and It’s highly addictive. Reading obviously, but I don’t get as much as I used to these days sadly.
I also love anything to do with animals and nature. Talking as we were of drinks Lorraine…………?

Where do you write
I am very lucky Tee. Where we are sitting now is actually my own office. As you can see it has a beautiful elm partner’s desk which I adore and the huge window in the room overlooks the garden and a pond where we have ducks visit and spend the summer with us each year. We even had a swan visit one day and stay. It’s a smallish bungalow, but the garden as you can see is huge and park like -literally – and all I hear is birdsong and I see trees swaying in the breeze; ideal for a writer.
If you had to list your favourite likes. What would they be?
I enjoy the finer things in life, but sadly my bank balance doesn’t always stretch to it! In fact, hardly ever but I live in hope of being rich and famous one day –don’t we all? That said, I love Osprey handbags and have a nice little collection now thanks to TK Maxx
Any bits of promo you want to do Lorraine?
Yes please Tee – here you are:
My Books:
A Sceptical Medium, A Sceptical Medium 2 and A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing
Amazon Kindle
Promotional videos for the books on YouTube

My blog, A Sceptical Medium

Instructional Videos in Mediumship and healing on YouTube and my other blog Lorraine Holloway-White

Thanks very much for that Lorraine. I’m very reluctant to leave the tranquillity of the West Country. I love this part of the world as it’s full of old memories.
Sigh ! Gotta go though. A nice chilled glass of scrumpi me thinks.

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