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Monday, 23 May 2011

Nicky Schmidt

Nicky Schmidt

Today, I want to introduce you to a writer who I've known for a few years in the blogging community.
As well as being a talented writer, Nicky Schmidt has just finished her latest novel called Dancing with David, which is a Young Adult with a blend of magical realism and supernatural
The pitch for the book reads as follows:
“When he saved her life, Emily fell in love with David. Only everyone says David doesn't exist. Struggling to recover from rape and her best friend's murder, Emily determines to find David at any cost. Avoiding life and people, including Matt, the brain-injured boy who has fallen in love with her, Emily's quest takes her to a place of ultimate revelation: David is Death.  But is Emily willing to die for love?”
A critique partner has described it as The Lovely Bones meets Wuthering Heights.
Nicky is currently seeking an agent and/or publisher for this novel.
She has been writing full time for several years – mostly non-fiction travel, lifestyle and conservation articles for magazines. Not only is she a talented writer but she is also a gifted photographer, showcasing her work in the articles she writes. She also writes short stories which you can find on the internet sites at the end of this article. (She insists it’s not a genre at which she excels!)
Nicky loves to write for children and young adults.  She says, "I remember so well the hours I spent devouring books in my school library and wishing there were more books that suited me – and I suppose, much of what I write today is as much for the young adult in me, as it is for any young adult." Obviously, as someone who supports our young people, Nicky loves to see the enjoyment she brings through her work. She continues, "I believe if you really want something, you can achieve it – so long as you have willpower, perseverance, a thick skin, lots of patience and are willing to work hard!" I couldn't agree more, Nicky.
She runs a successful blog called Absolute Vanilla where she interviews authors and promotes their books. There are some wonderful interviews on there and I for one have thoroughly enjoyed reading about some of the talented people she advertises.
Born in Cape Town, Nicky wrote her first play at the age of 8 and went on to write stories from there. With a degree in English and Politics, and the start of her career working for a large company as a scriptwriter, Nicky's true passion still rested in writing for children which eventually she went on to do.
Nicky has also finished a YA paranormal, called Selena’s Moon, which is temporarily in her “bottom drawer” given the overabundance of YA paranormals following on the Twilight series. However, this novel isn’t another Twilight, though there is a vampire element to it, connecting strongly to the traditional Romanian mythology and the concept of the vampire slayer, the Romanian “dhampir”.
The blurb for Selena’s Moon reads as follows:
“What happens when you find you’re not who you thought you were, that you’re only half human?
What happens when you find yourself thousands of miles from home in a place where myth blurs with reality, where ancient evils lurk – and where you meet your birth father for the first time, and finds he wants you dead?”
Personally, I think Nicky should get this out and start submitting. It sounds fascinating, as I’m sure you will agree. I’d love to see Nicky offered that publishing deal. Having known her for some time, I truly believe she deserves at least one of her books out there, not to mention her name in lights. She’s a true inspiration to all authors and as someone who continuously promotes authors on her blog, I am honoured to have featured her on here today.
I found this fabulous interview with Nicky which was featured on Dragonfly Scrolls Blog and gives a wonderful insight to how she works. After reading this, you will see that Nicky is an incredible person with a wealth of ambition.
You can find Nicky in various places, here are some of them:
Nicky’s Short Stories available to read online:

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