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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Reg Jones-Under the Spotlight


Tee Geering

My name is Teresa Geering more commonly known as Mad Tee. As everyone now knows I'm mad, it's just become Tee these days.
Let me also say I HATE Wordpress with a passion. That may of course change when I get used to it.

This week it's the very Welsh Ex Squaddie Reg Jones the Boy from The Bay

Reg R. Jones
This week I flew over to my flat in Salzgitter Germany to meet me ol' mucker Reg . We have been Struggling Authors together for some time now.
Here is the lovely fella.... Long curly tresses in all their glory.
As I walked in I was greeted by the sight of Reg moonwalking across the lounge to music. He had used the spare key to get in and was making himself comfortable.
The conversation went like this....
Reg: Hiya Tee, I'll help myself to a drink.
Tee: Oh, err, go on then and I‘ll have my usual please. Well, while you're at it, why not tell all about yourself? What started you off writing and why on earth vampires working for the Third Reich? There's tonic water in the fridge by the way.
Reg: No ice? Never mind. Well, I started out writing lyrics for songs. I used to play the drums in a band and the lyric writing duties sort of fell to me. However, because we were so monumentally challenged in the talent department and my wife falling pregnant with our twins, I was forced to grow up and leave my plans for musical world domination for another time.
So, anyway, there I was at home . Babies screaming in both ears, no drums to play and nothing but dirty nappies and shift work to keep my spirits up. I was desperate, I NEEDED to be creative and making steel and baby food just wasn't filling that gap. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and my alternate versions of traditional German nursery rhymes went down a treat, it was just that I needed to do something broader. I needed a project I could come and go to as my time dictated and writing a manuscript seemed to fit the bill.
Tee: Yes, but vampires working for the Third Reich? Hello? How off the wall is that then?
Reg. Ok, I see your point. The thing is, I knew I wouldn't be any good with comedy, crime or romance, although the romantic parts in Division came off better than I thought.
Tee: I thought there was a fair bit of romance in Division. That’s a good seller these days. Perhaps it ought to go under that tag as well d’ya think?
Reg: Hmmm a possibility… however, my interests always lay in either horror or warfare. I loved the idea of vampires and the whole baroque, gothic thing. That to me seemed to fit perfectly with the Third Reich, another of my fave topics. However, how could I realistically pull the two together?
Now, I live and work in Germany. I have German workmates who all, naturally, speak German as their first language. As in any language, German has its own accents and dialects. One of the lads had, to me, a very strange accent which I had automatically placed as Bavarian. However, while chatting in our coffee break he told me that he came from Siebenbürg, which is the German word for Transylvania. Transylvania has a very large German speaking population who consider themselves German in all but geographical position.
A German colony in Transylvania, the home of the vampire myth! Fantastic!!
Well Teester, as you can imagine, I nearly fainted with ecstasy. This was it; this was the magic key that unlocked my artistic juices and soaked my pants, as it were.
Tee: Ha Ha! Easy there Tiger!
Reg: That very night I was on the internet, researching like a whipped scientist and the rest is history.
Tee. Wow, talk about driven! OK, so how well has your masterpiece been received?
Give us some highs and lows honey
Reg: Well, it has been sent off in various forms to various agencies and publishers. The thing is, after I had finished the book, I genuinely thought it would be received with open arms and I'd be welcomed into the exclusive world of the Literary Giants. However, strangely, it didn't quite happen like that.
It took me quite a while to actually realise that there are unwritten laws about covering letters, word counts, proof reading, formatting blah blah blah… So I can imagine that my first attempts went straight from the slush pile to the bin. However, with the aid of Google, Predators and Editors and a bunch of writing websites I found on the Struggling Authors site, I managed to shoot off some on-form manuscript queries.
My best answer was one that asked me to change the names of the soldiers to suit a more English tongue. However, four weeks of hard work and they still rejected it. Another wrote that they were going to reject my work but it had been a close call. I don't care if they were just being nice, that email made my day, no my week.
The longest it took anyone to answer was eleven months. Eleven months of waiting and then thanks but no thanks, I could have wept; in fact I probably did.
So, to get to the point, I've experienced enough lows to put the shares up in Prozac by five points, but the few highs that have happened have had me dancing on my laptop.
Tee: I see…! AND moon walking in my lounge…… I’ll top up the drinks this time babes AND I think there’s some ice in the mini freezer.
Anything else you'd like to add? Blogspots, websites, past girlfriends who have turned out to be men?
Reg: I write a (not so regular) Blog that can be found at:
And another, not so Division-orientated but a little more regular at:
I used to have a website, set up for me by my great buddy/pal/mate Richard at Struggling Authors but I cancelled it. The Blogspot for Division is just as good as the website was; in fact it's better because it's free.
The Blog thing used to be a once a week entry but nowadays it's more like twice a month. I'm so lazy, I hate myself, I really do :-)
As for old girlfriends, well there was this fine young sheep called Flossy who…
Tee: Nah leave it there Reg thanks, we don't need to know that. Save it for next time. Oh d’ya want a hairnet to contain those long tresses of yours? I’ve probably got a blue one knocking around somewhere.
Reg: No thanks, I like the long flowing Timotei look and I’m told it suits me.
Tee: Thanks for dropping by honey. Am I ok for a lift to the airport next week?
Reg: They don’t call me Reg “Taxi” Jones for nothing Tee.
Tee: Cheers mate.Thanks for dropping by and just pull the door to when you leave.
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