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Monday, 2 May 2011

SEEN This Week 5/2/11

Happy first week of May! This week, thing to continue to be busy in the writing world as we head toward both Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day. By the appearance of incoming news this week, many of those literary luminaries seem to be women; however, a few men made their marks this past week as well.

Finishing Line Press is proud to announce the publication of Ennui: From the Diagnostic and Statistical Field Guide of Feminine Disorders, Deborah Hauser’s first poetry chapbook.

How Long is a Piece of Rope asked the questions that mattered to Simon Swift, author of Black Shadows.

Gerry McCollough's stunning novel Belfast Girls was named Night Reading's 2010 Book of the Year. Amidst her latest success, Gerry still took time to grant an interview this week for the Authors On Show main site.

Philip Whiteland's Steady Past Your Granny's made #48 on the Kindle Humor chart, #76 on the Kindle Biographies and Memoirs and #87 on Amazon's Humor Books chart.

Cyndi Tefft's book, Between, officially launches June 1. It will be available in both ebook and print formats. She's been working to line up reviewers for the launch, and asks all blog posts, ratings and comments be held until after the release date.

Jessica Degarmo's How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket is the second most downloaded chick-lit book on Smashwords. Her second novel, Hooking Up, is now available on Amazon Kindle. She's looking for those with web sites and blogs to review the book, which she will send a courtesy review copy. Jessica's third book, Decisions, will be released July 16 by Silver Publishing.

If you or someone you know suffers from Lyme disease, please read Jodi O'Donnell-Ames' article Lyme Time in the May issue of New Jersey Monthly magazine or at Lyme Time.  The article includes general information, patient challenges and controversial aspects of the disease.  Please share; it contains great tips for prevention and this is Lyme season.

Kristal McKerrington will be hitting Liverpool on May 26, then the 27, will at the gym swimming pool of the hotel where she'll be staying. Then it's off to shake hands with Keith Zubaz Colwill, Adrian, Lionheart McCallum, Danny Rodd and the rest of the amazing staff of One Pro Wrestling.

KCollege Kent got hold of a copy of Teresa Geering's book, The Eye of Erasmus. They were so impressed by it, they asked if they could stock her book across all their colleges in Kent.

Thomas Winton's Beyond Nostalgia rose to #78 on Amazon's Literary Fiction "Best Seller" list on Kindle. Also, on the "Books" charts in "Hot New Releases," it was #31 in Literary Fiction and #47 in Contemporary Romance.

Minnette Coleman was the keynote speaker at a New York University gala April 28. Part of her speech was about weaving history with fiction. She discussed her novels and where they came from. Minnette received a standing ovation from both deans and students.

Catherine Chisnall's Descending/Surfacing is now available for sale on

Congratulations to Rachel Lewis, who officially made the Authonomy Editor's Desk this month, and her cousin going to the Final Four in women's rugby!

Jillian Brookes-Ward stopped by Page Readers April 30 to discuss her book Saving Nathaniel.

The new eZine from Welcome to Wherever is out, and Diane Nelson won a poetry contest!

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