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Monday, 23 May 2011

SEEN This Week 5/23/11

We're in the later part of May, which means it isn't long until summer arrives in some parts of the world. What were writers and other literary people doing this past week? Read on to see their great news!

Two well-know publishers are planning a one-stop joint book site: In starting, Simon and Schuster, Penguin Group USA and Hachette Book Group hope to provide one-stop shopping for books and information about authors. Read more about the new venture at this link.

Independent Author Network (IAN) member Elizabeth Wilder built an Amazon bookstore featuring IAN members' books. If you are a member of IAN and your book is available in print at, it should now be in the bookstore. If your book is only available in Kindle, it should also be in the store. Visit the IAN Bookstore at this link.

Congratulations to Kathryn Brown, whose novel Discovery at Rosehill was a top five pick and described as " a page turning thriller" last week in a major magazine. Read additional details here.

Kevin McGill is happy to announce the teaser trailer for Nikolas and Company has arrived. Please feel free to be entertained, inspired and somewhat creeped out!

Mandy Ward has officially signed with Pfoxchase. The Tower and The Eye is going the traditional route... or as traditional as Diane Nelson makes it anyway.

Black Coffee Press publisher and author Scott C. Rogers was interviewed by LM Stull.

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne and her illustrator/sister Holly Humphrys-Bajaj, was featured at a book signing May 22 at Coker Farm in Bedford, NY. Deanie was also featured at a grand opening for Mountain Creek Equestrian Center in Patterson, NY for a book signing.

Last week, PfoxChase announced the acquisition of Tulagi Hotel by Heikki Hietala.

Shay Fabbro's The Chosen was a finalist in the Indie Excellence 2011 Book Awards, Fantasy category.

Simon Swift appeared at his local branch of Waterstones May 21, signing copies of his latest book Black

Helen Smith will be appearing on a panel of women writers at Brixton Library in London May 20 as part of Lambeth's Readers and Writers Festival. She will be appearing at Guerilla Lit and Book Expo America in New York the following week to promote her book, Alison Wonderland.

Ellen Estilai's essay Front Yard Fruit, which first appeared in Alimentum: Literature About Food, is included in New California Writing 2011, published in April by Heyday.

Ramey Channell, author of Sweet Music On Moonlight Ridge (Chalet Publishers, LLC), has  been awarded two first place honors in the Alabama Poetry Society. Her next novel in this series, The Dark Side of Moonlight Ridge, will be out in the fall.

Suzanne Linn Kamata's essay on life in post-disaster Japan appears in the June issue of Real Simple.

Gerry McCollough had an article in the Seattle Examiner about her writing, How to keep working toward your dream. She has also joined the blogging community with Gerry's Books. Stop by, show your support, and leave a comment or two.

Jillian Brookes-Ward had another of her silly (yet true-ish) articles accepted by Fishkeep to entertain its readers.

My news for the week:

I had the pleasure of being interviewed May 22 for the WWE-Club site. Quite an interesting discussion, with good questions asked.

Poppet posted an insightful review of The Cruiserweight on the Gemma and Poppet web site May 22.
Sample chapters of my newest book Fifty are now posted on Authonomy. Its trailer can be viewed on YouTube. Sample chapters will also be coming soon to BookBuzzr.

The Cruiserweight is listed among books in the Romance section in the Independent Author Network Bookstore.

I was also informed late last week that The Cruiserweight was listed among its Wrestling Romance selections on both Amazon and

Do you have news you'd like to see in a future column? Email or post your news on a related site prior to the following week's column. Also follow me on Twitter @lacarrington1.

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