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Monday, 9 May 2011

SEEN This Week 5/9/11

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Mother's Day this past weekend. As always, there's plenty of news to report this week, as many writers were keeping busy!

AOS: The Blog was launched for Kindle May 6 on for the low price of £1.99 GBP, and Amazon for $1.99 USD.

XoXo Publishing and wrestling romance authors are in the process of developing an anthology to benefit Wrestlers Rescue. Anyone involved in the wrestling industry, as well as authors, are invited submit a short stories and spread the word to their respective colleagues.

The Garner Files,  the biography of actor James Garner (The Rockford Files) is scheduled to be released by Simon and Schuster on November 8, 2011.

Indie Books List posted a chapter of Gerry McCollough's novel Belfast Girls as a recommendation for readers to buy the book.

Phillip Overton's next book is already generating a lot of news in Australia - 23 newspaper articles in two weeks!

Loretta Proctor, author of The Long Shadow, set in WW1 Greece, and The Crimson Bed,set in Victorian London, granted an interview to Authors on Show this week.

Stephen Pear did a book signing at the Pen Center Coles in St Catharines May 7.

Jessica Degarmo received a letter last week which she'll be honored with the Continuing Education Part-Time Student award at her college. Her second novel, Hooking Up, was released on Kindle May 1.

Another Heikki Hietala story made it to runner-up status in a competition, this time Strange Circle Magazine. It will be in the June issue, but can be read at this link.

Sharanya Manivannan was featured on The Nervous Breakdown with a poem, Secret Theatres and an interview.

Walden Carrington's novel, Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story cracked the top fifteen manuscripts on Authonomy. The film which inspired his book, Titanic, is scheduled for re-release in April of 2012 in 3D to commemorate one hundred years since the disaster. Walden could use readers' help to reach the Editor's Desk in time for his novel to be published prior to the re-release of Titanic.

Melissa Kesead's book, Commotion in the Ocean, was recently released.  It is a book of ocean-related poetry for children.  Proceeds benefit the Ocean Conservancy. 

Drew Cross' BiteMarks  ranked #63 in police procedurals for kindle and #90 for books on this past week.

Forgetting English by Midge Raymond was reissued in April by Press 53 with a new cover and two new stories. It's available at any bookstore, on Amazon and  through Press 53, which helps support the small presses.

Terri Kirby Erickson was one of eleven winners of the international Nazim Hikmet Poetry Competition and won first place honors from the North Carolina Poetry Society.  Her third collection, In the Palms of Angels, with an Introduction written by Ron Powers, the Pulitzer Prize winning co-author of True Compass and Flags of Our Fathers, with a glowing endorsement from nationally syndicated columnist Sharon Randall, was released on April 1 by Press 53.  It's available on Amazon and other Internet outlets.

Tentra Bensko is excited about another chapbook. It will be her fourth book,  and the most prestigious press--ISMs -- coming out in July.. It will contain a collection of stories within stories.

Gemma Rice's newest book Blindsided was released last week. You can receive a free copy right now on Smashwords.

Samantha Towle's debut novel The Bringer is now available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle.

Empty Chairs, the critically and commercially praised firsthand account on child abuse by Stacy Danson, was among The most popular items in Child Abuse on Amazon.

Two of Kate Rigby's books made the Amazon Top 100 this past week in three different categories: Little Guide to Unhip  in Top 50 in Customs and Traditions and top 100 for Popular Culture.  Break Point hit the top 100 in Sports.

Catherine Chisnall's latest story, The Jewel of Maythwaite Manor, is now on under her pen name Lily Byrne.

My news for the week:

Following in the direction of AOS: The Blog, both The Book Shelf blog and my official website are now available for Kindle on Amazon for $1.99 USD each.

I was approached via Facebook this past weekend by Matthew Hampton about appearing on a radio show in Australia to discuss The Cruiserweight and my other writing endeavors. More details should come soon.

I've contributed a short story, Brett Kerringan and Patrick Sanchez-Garcia at the Church Daycare, to XoXo Publishing's upcoming wrestling anthology fiction book to benefit Wrestlers Rescue. You can also get a preview of the story on Night Reading.

The first ten sample chapters of Kerrigan's Legacy is now on BookBuzzr.

Do you have news you'd like to see in an upcoming column? Send news directly to or post your happenings on a related website. Also follow me on Twitter @lacarrington1.

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