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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thank You to My Wonderful Team

Our first year has come and gone and in that year we have seen quite a few changes. Some of our original team members have now moved on and others have joined us in their place. Who could forget Steve Jensen though and it's thanks to him, we have our super AOS logo's that he designed for us.

We go from strength to strength and in just seven months of the launch we were nominated as one of the best writing sites in the world. We achieved reaching the top twenty and who knows, maybe this year we can go even higher.

I'd like to thank the readers for being so loyal and for helping in spreading the word about us - your continued support is very much appreciated. A thank you to the authors we promote for helping with the advertising when we showcase you, but the special thanks must go to the team behind the scenes who work so hard at writing articles, finding out new bits of information to help readers and writers alike and for the new authors they bring to our attention. Also, a thanks too to our experts on the service page who offer discounts to our readers for their skilled and highly sought after services.

I am delighted to see the return of Sessha who has been with us for quite some time and who had a little break recently due to an overload of work. She might not have had her page recently or the flash fiction competition, but she's been keeping an eye on us from a distance and helping to promote us and our work wherever and whenever possible. Welcome back Sessha - great to see you.

I am sure none of you will mind if I single out one person for a special thanks and that is Lori aka L  Anne Carrington. She has been with me from very near the start and has been responsible for updating the AOS Blog regularly, bringing us weekly news on writers from across the world and updating her own page regularly without fail. She has been a solid part of the foundations of Authors on Show and I couldn't have done without her. I am glad to say that she secured an agent after being spotted on AOS and is now a published author who is soaring ever upwards in her own writing career. Lori, thanks for all you've done and continue to do and I wish you all the best in the world with your own career and I'm sure everyone else joins me in that.

To all of you, thanks again and here's to the next year!

Lorraine x


  1. You're the one who's made this site work, Lorraine. Thank YOU.

    CJ xx

  2. It's always a pleasure being part of the AOS team. The only way I'd likely leave is if they carry me away in a body bag! LOL