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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tom Winton

Tom Winton

I'd like to introduce you to a wonderfully talented author whose book I have recently read called Beyond Nostalgia. His name is Tom Winton. The book is beautifully romantic and left me in deep thought for days after I'd finished it. It certainly makes you feel nostalgic and allows the reader to drift off into a world of past events where they may have left someone behind, someone they thought they would love forever. Here's my review on the book together with information on how you can get hold of a copy. I'd recommend it to anyone, male or female; a truly stunning tale of love, heartbreak and the complexities of relationships.
I recently read Beyond Nostalgia by Tom Winton and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I first saw the book cover, I was immediately intrigued. It drew me into the romantic, moonlit relationship with two characters who I got to know a s though they were personal friends. Beautiful descriptions, incredible imagery and a well-told story narrated by the main character, Dean Cassidy, as he takes us on a journey through twenty-four years of his life.

Dean, a passionate, sensitive and particularly streetwise guy, meets and falls in love with Theresa Wayman. Aged eighteen, he comes across as a gentleman having found the love of his life. The reader begins to understand Dean from early on in the book due to Winton's incredibly poignant descriptions and his amazing ability to introduce you to the committed yet somewhat troubled lives of his characters. Just when the reader believes their relationship i
is invincible, Dean jeopardises the trust between him and Theresa leaving you feeling pity not only for her, but him as well. Yet one still feels the relationship is worth fighting for and encourages Dean never to give up.
Living a tormented existence for the love of his life, Dean finally moves on and finds himself at the mercy of the Vietnam war. But the romance continues in the form of Maddy Frances, whom Dean eventually marries, even though he still harbours the strongest feelings for his first true love, Theresa. Throughout the book, Winton's beautifully written text can't help but entice the reader on, teasing with what happens next, continuously embracing you as the main characters are brought to life. There is a success story at the end of this book, but it isn't what I expected. I was immensely delighted when a predictable ending found in most romantic novels didn't happen in this one. The story grabbed me from start to finish, so much so, that I found myself reliving moments from my own past, feeling nostalgic about a previous relationship. Written from a male point of view, it is fascinating to read of a man's feelings, his honesty as he relays his weaknesses, his thoughts as he notices a beautiful woman. I liked Dean. I could relate to him. Yet I could also relate to Theresa. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this book to anyone, male or female. It's a truly wonderful read.
Beyond Nostalgia is available in paperback at Amazon UK and Amazon US or download at Amazon Kindle UK and Amazon Kindle US


  1. It's fantastic Lorraine and I also loved it.
    Great review by the way.
    Tee x

  2. A brilliant book from a great writer, and an excellent blog on the subject!