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Sunday, 8 May 2011

What is Authors On Show all About?

Some new visitors to Authors on Show have asked what we do.

One thing we do is suggest books readers might not yet know anything about. We give information about the books and the authors giving you links to where the books can be bought and to where you can read more. By doing this, we not on;y promote authors who are just making a name for themselves, but also some who are already established.

What else do we do?

We are a team of authors who are aware of the need to self-promote in today's market. Not only do we promote ourselves, but also as many other authors as we can. We each have our own page which we update and change regularly. Team members will use their page as they see fit. It could be for articles on writing, reviews, interviews, competitions, promoting a particular author, a mixture of those things or anything else connected to writing.

We have two sites, Authors on Show is the main one and AOS is the Blog for daily postings and where we have other pages which are due to be shown from 16th May.
This isn't a site for uploading your books, this is purely for promoting fellow writers and talking about everything to do with writing and for advising readers.

All authors today need to be very pro-active and seen to be promoting themselves if they want to stand a chance of being published. As readers of the books seen here and elsewhere, we ask you to consider doing reviews on the sites where you buy books. Your honest reviews are what help them to sell and also helps other readers get more of an idea about them when deciding whether to purchase one. We also invite you all to comment as your feedback helps us to know what you'd like to see more of on our pages.
Everything from the main site, is transferred onto the AOS Blog for archiving when the page is updated for those who subscribe to the blog to see everything we have taken to print.

One of our authors has already been signed by an agent after being spotted on Authors on Show and it is hoped many more who are featured on here will also find agents or publishers - that includes the team.
We look forward to helping you find good books to buy and enjoy reading and to helping you discover new authors. We will promote as many as possible and hope you in turn, do the same for us, not just as a site, but as individual authors as well.

Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Lorraine Holloway-White
Founder/Owner, Authors on Show

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