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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Has The Publishing World Gone Crazy?

This week I am going to try something different to see what happens. I took the bull by the horns and sent a proposal to Random House a while ago after telephoning and asking if I could. I did the usual polite author thing of being deferential and was told yes; my new book sounded very interesting and would I please send it to them. Today, just 12 days later, I received a rejection. The last sentence is the one that said it all to me, 'Please do get in touch if you have more TV and newspaper coverage.'

Only twice have I had a book of mine sent to a publishing house and both times they have said it has been rejected due to me not being well known enough.  But if the book is already good enough for when I'm well known, how come it isn't good enough now just because I'm not? The thing is, if I was well known in the sense they mean, I wouldn't actually have an audience for the type of books I write anyway as they are instructional. What the publisher wants every time is an entertainment style book with a celebrity name on the cover, which is completely useless for anyone wanting to know if they're a natural born medium or not.

How many celebrities are working hard at promoting themselves as we have to? It's easy to sit on a sofa in a studio when invited after appointments are made by your agent, talk for the allotted 7 minutes about a book often written by someone else but with your name on it, get a huge fee for the privilege then get up and go again; often to the next studio or to meet a newspaper/magazine reporter to do the same thing all over again. I could do all of that easily if given the chance - couldn't we all? Besides, I am a very pro active author and I don't get paid for my work whereas their celebrities often have someone else write their blogs (and often books), don't do as much work and yet demand high advances and fees for all of their appearances and meetings so who is better value?

It is pointless approaching editors in the way I have up till now and in the way we're told to, so I am going to take the bull by the horns, ring a few editors at big publishing houses and tell them exactly how it is. The celebrity culture nonsense is now out of hand and for people like me who have written a book that fills a gap in the market to be rejected out of hand when millions of people worldwide are seeking this type of thing is stupid. Why would anyone wanting to know if they might be a natural born medium read a book about messages given to huge audiences by people who go on tour? They wouldn't. What they want is a teacher who is a natural born medium and who can answer all of their questions. The publishing world has decided they aren't allowed to have that though unless it is written by a celebrity. They'll be waiting a long time for a book like that then, because all the celebrity mediums do are stage shows as entertainment and that’s what their books are mainly about. In the meantime, my readers have to go without what they need and are searching for because the publishing houses say so.

On my stat counter I often see the words, 'how do I know if I'm a medium' or words very similar. This phrase is put into search engines all day every day worldwide and many of the people who are seeking this answer end up on my blog. That is why I named my latest book, How to Know If You're a Medium. Strangely, the publishing houses think a celebrity style book on stage mediumship will be enough for them - it won't be.

How many non fiction instructional books have you bought by a celebrity or a well-known person unless that is the work they are known for? Most are written by experts who most of us have never heard of. The reason for this is because instructional non fiction books need experts to write them, not celebrities. Every book I have bought about this subject matter has been found by looking along book shelves and reading the blurb on the back covers. Not one has been written by anyone I had ever heard of and yet they all helped me in some way. My books can do the same for others, but the publishing world has decided not to give them what they want. I am going to try to change that and will keep you updated along the way.

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