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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

John Holt

John Holt takes his turn to be showcased.  John is a regular contributor on the forum on Night Publishing and regularly gives open, honest encouragement with his feedback to others asking for an opinion.
Born in 1943 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. I currently live in Essex with my wife, Margaret, my daughter Elizabeth, and our cat Ginger.
For many years I was a Chartered Surveyor, until I retired in 2008. I had always wanted to write a novel but could never think of a good enough plot. My first novel, The Kammersee Affair, written in 2008. was inspired by a holiday in Austria. We were staying in Grundlsee. The next lake, Toplitzsee, was used by the Germans during the war to test rockets, and torpedoes. There were rumours of gold hidden in that lake. Despite extensive searches the gold was never found. In my book, however, it is found, only in the next lake, Kammersee.
The books that followed, The Mackenzie File, and The Marinski Affair, feature Tom Kendall, a down to earth private detective. My fourth book, Epidemic, another featuring Tom Kendall, is currently with my publisher. I am currently working on another novel featuring Tom Kendall.
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A Killing In The City - A Work In Progress
To make a killing in the City’ is a phrase often used within the financial world, to indicate making a large profit on investments, or through dealings on the stock market - the bigger the profit, the bigger the killing.  However, Tom Kendall, a private detective, on holiday in London, has a different kind of killing in mind when he hears about the death of one of his fellow passengers who travelled with him on the plane from Miami.  It was suicide apparently, a simple overdose of prescribed tablets.  Kendall immediately offers his help to Scotland Yard.  He is shocked when he is told that his services will not be required.  They can manage perfectly well without him, thank you.
This is the fourth story to feature Tom Kendall.  Once again his ever-loyal secretary, Mollie, ably assists him in his fight against crime.
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  1. Nice to meet John over there in the Nightreading forum. The sincerity sparkles and the encouragement always sought after. And he's got four books to his name, means many things to literature.

    Respect to him.