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Monday, 20 June 2011

SEEN This Week 6/20/11

Summer officially arrives tomorrow in the US, and that means much more news and book releases! What were authors doing this past week? Read on for the latest:

Currently, the Independent Author Network is seeing around 45,000 hits per month.

The Polka Dot Banner is seeking authors who are willing to post blogs, at a minimum of once per month, on their topic of expertise. More specifically, on the pulse of their particular genre, offer marketing tips and hints, and -whenever possible - share ways they and other are selling more books. Participating authors will receive their own blog "headquarters," a direct to their blog tab, site highlights, newsletter features, and upgraded PDB perks free.In addition, if all goes well, PDB will be offering incentives (gift cards and other surprises) for those blogs which help draw more traffic to the site each month. For those who would like to participate send an email via the web site.

She Writes will have its second birthday on June 29. Visit the site to get the latest on celebratory goodies all month long and how you can get involved!

The first chapter of Linda Loves...? by Jillian Brookes-Ward is included in a paperback anthology of romantic stories. Her first novel, Saving Nathaniel, was featured on Daily Cheap Reads June 13.

The Magic of Finkleton by KC Hilton was also listed June 13 on Daily Cheap Reads

The best horror Poppet has written is now on Amazon for only 99 cents. Be sure to get your copy of Djinn! Poppet also granted a new interview with Hannah Warren.

Jane Hammons' story Mapping the Territory is live on Shotgun Honey, which is a great new online magazine for noir, crime, and dark flash fiction.

Meg Waite-Clayton's new novel The Four Ms. Bradwells is out from Random House's Ballantine Books. Her first novel, The Language of Light, is being rereleased in paperback as a Random House Reader's Circle Book June 28.

Deborah Riley Magnus' book Cold in California (The Twice-Baked Vampire Series) was released on Amazon Kindle by ireadiwrite Publishing.

My news for the week:

I was thrilled for the opportunity to interview Simon and Schuster Free Press author Tamar Cohen on Authors On Show this week. She discusses her first novel The Mistress's Revenge and related topics.

Fifty is my second BookBuzzr Top Ten Book, making the May 2011 Top 10 for Full Screen Views.

Do you have news you'd like to see in a future column? Email or post your news on a related site prior to the following week. Also follow me on Twitter @lacarrington1.

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