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Monday, 8 August 2011

How To Know If You're a Medium

Everything happens at once doesn't it? I have sold my house and only just found a new one. The problem is, we are off on holiday on Thursday 14th July and on Friday we agreed a completion date of 11th August. That means on return from holiday I have two weeks to pack the whole house and move. It isn't a small house and we have to sort through and sell quite a bit of furniture and things as the new house is smaller. As you can hear, I shall be pretty busy and so am leaving Authors on Show in the capable hands of the team members until the move is over.

Our problem is, as we've only just found the new house, there's no guarantee we will be able to move straight into the new one at completion as we have to wait for the others in the chain to finalise their house sales and purchases, so we might well be on the streets for a couple of weeks with our begging bowls. I'll be back as soon as possible with some other authors to promote, but in the meantime I leave you with an excerpt taken from my latest book. I have left out the introduction and given an excerpt from the first of the question and answer sections.
How to Know If You’re a Medium
And other Questions
Lorraine Holloway-White

Questions and Answers

Section 1 – Am I a medium?

This first section is for those of you who are wondering if you might be mediums or not. Some of the questions further through this book might also help you decide about that as well, but these are just some questions people have asked me and are some I had when starting to realise there might be something happening to me and what I should do about it.

Q:  The first question in this book has to be – Am I a medium and how would I know if I am?

A: My answer would start with another question, but this time from me. Have you had strange things happening to you that you can’t explain; visions, voices –clear or otherwise - smells that no one else can smell, a ‘knowing’, taking on someone else’s feelings or anything similar to these things?
If the answer is yes, to any of those questions, then the chances are that you are a natural born medium. If you answer no to all of them, then you aren’t. I say the chances are, because just answering yes to any of the above doesn’t mean it is definite and without me meeting you, I cannot state categorically that you are a natural medium. If you have experienced the above and are asking this question though, it would indicate that you most probably are.

Q:  How do I know if visions, voices or similar are really mediumship and not anything else?

A: Assuming you are not ill or suffering from anything such as schizophrenia, it is not likely to be anything else. Obviously there are various medications or so-called recreational drugs that can cause this sort of thing and so can various mental illnesses. If all of those can be discounted, then the chances are you are experiencing mediumistic phenomena.

Seeing things in your minds eye when daydreaming, is totally different from a mediumistic vision as the mediumistic one is always very vivid and sharp. The memory of it is so strong that you will remember every detail vividly unlike a daydream where memory of what you’ve seen fades quickly.
Saying that, it is also possible for people who are not mediums but who have a highly developed psychic ability to also see visions. We often hear of premonitions of future events which have happened exactly as seen in a psychic’s vision and they are the ones most likely to experience those things as a medium’s work usually lies elsewhere.

Q: So I could maybe be just a highly attuned psychic and not a medium?

A: You could be yes, but if you have seen, heard or felt a presence around you of what appears to be another person then that would indicate you are probably also a medium. All mediums are automatically highly attuned psychic’s which is why you will experience psychic phenomena as well and this is where it can be confusing for someone starting to awaken to the fact they are ‘different’.

Q: What is the best to be a medium or a psychic?

A: They each work in different ways and neither is better than another as they have their own ways of working that are suited to different needs in people. Both have a lot to offer to others if they work sensibly and honestly at all times.

Q: So where do I go for help in telling me what I am or what I should do next?

A: This is a very difficult one for me to answer, because at present, there aren’t places for people like us to go to. A natural born medium who is willing to help, and most are, is always a good person to help advise and answer your questions. They can also help with your development in some cases, but the best teachers are always the spirit world and have no fear, they will teach you as they did me and many others. The difference with them is, they will take your development at the stages it is meant to go at and won’t rush you to work before you are ready. It is bad teaching practices and the rushing to work before one is truly ready that causes so much inferior mediumship to be seen today.

All that seems to be on offer at the moment is spiritualist churches or places that teach the ways of spiritualism. Those teachings are very wrong for natural born mediums in most cases. The only thing available to us at the moment is to find a well developed natural medium who is not a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union (or SNU as it’s better known) or any other such thing as it’s these places that inhibit a natural medium and teach us ways that are not always correct. The spirit world have a way of putting the right person in your path when needed, so instead of rushing headlong to somewhere that might not be right for you, wait and the spirit world will show you the way when they know the time to be right for you.

Q: I seem to always have had things happen in my life that I don’t think are me being a medium, but I know it’s different to my friends. Can you explain what that might be?

A: Without knowing what you mean specifically it is difficult to say. Anyone of you who is born with natural mediumship tendencies will automatically have a very highly tuned natural psychic ability too (akin to sixth sense). It is this we use most in our lives without being aware we have been doing so. Others can develop this to a high level should they so wish even though they aren’t mediums, but ours will automatically already be finely tuned and highly developed from birth. It might be your psychic ability is more highly developed than others and it could be this causing the different things you say are happening.

Q:  I can read tarot cards and/or other cards and they seem to be accurate. Does this mean I am a medium?

A: No, that doesn’t make you a medium. It possibly means you have learned to develop your natural psychic ability. Everyone in the world can develop their psychic ability to this level should they so wish and this is why many get confused and think they can do the same with mediumship. A medium communicates with the spirit world, a psychic doesn’t. That said, a medium when they are reading from cards or any other material, will start off using psychic energy and then quite often the reading will turn into a mediumistic one as well with messages sometimes coming through.
If  you, or any person you go to, only use cards for readings and it all seems to be mainly present and future events, then they are probably working psychically – using the energy field of the person they are reading for. The same can be said of psychometry. Psychometry is where an object belonging to someone is held by the psychic or clairvoyant and information flows into their mind about them. Again, this can turn into mediumistic work if a medium is doing the reading, but it is usually clairvoyants or psychics who have developed their psychic ability to a well honed level that work this way.

Q: I hear voices and get accurate information that way, but I don’t see people or do anything else I’ve heard mediums do – what does that make me?

A: Barring illnesses or mind influencing drugs, you will most probably still be a medium but may well never see anyone or do anything else apart from hearing voices in order to pass messages. This is called Clairaudience and some mediums only ever work that way and in no other. Each medium works in his or her way unique to them. Let me explain more in depth with another excerpt from one of my other books.
Even natural mediums are at different levels from each other and have varying amounts of the different gifts afforded to mediums. Some will be healers as well, but not all. They will hear, feel, smell, see, or sense and know things others couldn't. Some might be able to do all of the above, whereas some will have just one of those ways of working and others two or three of them.

Even those who have all of the gifts associated with mediumship or healing will be of varying standards. No one can do exactly the same as another person. We are all unique in our own way and mediums are the same. Their ability can also alter from day to day. Not only is the ability of the mediums different, the same can be said of those who they work with. There are spirit helpers who are learning just the same as mediums are. There are also those who only come to pass messages, some are better at it than others.
A medium that has all the gifts can draw on each or all of these resources when messages are not being passed very well. A less gifted medium who is either still developing or works with just one gift may struggle sometimes to understand a message that's being given and is limited in the amount they can do. In time they may well develop all the gifts, but like anything in life, they have to learn their craft as well as the next man. It is at these times, a more gifted or fully developed natural medium can help them and get the message passed to who it was meant for. This is sometimes why two or three mediums can be seen working together. That doesn't mean this is the case each time you see more than one working, but it can be a reason from time to time.

When I started to become aware I was different to other people and could smell, feel and know things others couldn't, I went through many stages as the spirit world taught me what they wanted me to learn. When one gift came forward to be used with ease, another took a back seat. This carried on for a long time until they had allowed me to learn all of the different ways I was to work with them. During this period of learning, my mediumship skills were not at a very high level at all. I was accurate, but very limited in the amount I could do. I now find I use most of the gifts at any given time when needed without having to think about it. They just happen...

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