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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gail Seymour.

 Saturday July  9th 2011
This week we have the pleasure in introducing a talented lady, and  fellow Yorkshire lass Gail Seymour.

Author Bio
Like you, I’m a Yorkshire lass born and bred, and lived there until two years ago, when I moved to Wolverhampton to live with my first boyfriend from when I was 12 after reconnecting with him on Facebook.
Before moving, I had my own florist shop in Doncaster, before that I wrote web page copy and helped with the design in my then partner’s web hosting and design business, in between being on long term sick with an undiagnosed balance disorder, and before that I was a prison librarian.
I’ve been writing in one way or another since my teens, when I had a penchant for poetry, and had some small successes, including a collection published in an anthology in 2002. I’ve probably provided the copy for over 50,000 web pages for other people, and also run my own, though that’s a much more recent endeavour. It’s a resource for Indie Authors, that aims to cover the whole process from beginning to end. Most of the Indie Author support sites tend to stop at publication, or give a few vague hints about promotion, but I want WWP to be a community of Indie Authors supporting each other in the post-publication marketing efforts as well as in the editing and review stages.
My first novel, Moroaica, is about a half-blood vampire slayer, Max, whose world is turned upside down when she is forced to intervene between the slayers she works with and her vampire father, exposing them both. It’s not a mushy romantic novel. Think somewhere between Buffy and Blade, and you’ve got Max. She’s tough and sarcastic, but nowhere near as hard as she thinks she is, and really not that bright.
 is available in print and Kindle editions from, and is also available as a Smashwords edition. (Use the discount code SSW50 throughout July to get 50% discount at Smashwords.) 
The blurb reads:
Max thinks she knows all about vampires, after all she is a half blood slayer, but her world is about to be turned upside down.
Trained only as a blunt instrument to destroy vampires by The Breed, a shadowy organization of dhampires, Max is horrified to learn that some of her fellow slayers are not what they seem.
When a brutal zero tolerance policy raid on her home town turns out to be Zero Tolerance for Max and her secret vampire father though, she has to do everything in her power to prevent them killing him. And putting herself between him and the other hunters will set off a chain of events that could see the war between the bloodsuckers and their mongrel offspring spill out in to a religious human war.
Join Max as she tries to make sense of her new world, and discovers a surprising heritage.
  My second novel, Decontamination, due out in September, is an eco-thriller set in and around Doncaster, UK, where I grew up. It’s based on real events (the floods of 2007) and places (Thorpe Marsh power Station) but is wholly fictional – the power station is in fact disused, and has never been used for energy research. The novel uses real life as a jumping off point, and explores what could happen if business interest and greed are allowed to preside over what should be a philanthropic endeavour.
Matt Kasey, the reluctant and somewhat bumbling hero, is a disgraced journalist hiding behind the obituaries desk, who gets dragged into a murder investigation and discovers something much worse.
He’s naturally reserved and more of an observer than a participant in his own life, who learns to engage and take risks, but never loses his endearing awkwardness, particularly around women.
The blurb reads:
After a brutal murder, obituaries writer Matt Kasey stumbles on a sinister cover-up of a deadly contamination, but will he live to expose it?
When Nathan Daniels, a wildlife conservation student, is murdered in the home of an elderly couple, Matt Kasey, the disgraced local obituaries writer, finds himself drawn into the investigation. Tracing Nathan's last few hours, Matt becomes convinced that Nathan had discovered a sinister cover-up of a deadly contamination, but could his research have gotten him killed?
When the young court reporter working the case with him dies in a suspicious traffic accident, his editor cuts him loose, telling Matt not to come back without the story. Enlisting the help of a local news cameraman, an old school friend in the police force, and Amiti Chopra, another reporter who is by turns infuriating and alluring, Matt is soon up to his neck in the action.
Three explosions and one death later, Matt and Amiti are on the run from the agents of The Energy Research Institute (TERI), the company they are trying to expose.
With their friends dropping faster than the endangered wildlife, Matt and Amiti have to put their personal and professional differences aside if they are going to survive.
I’m going to be publishing the first few chapters of Decontamination on my blog at around one a week up to the publication date, as a bit of an experiment. I’d love to hear readers comments.

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