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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Promoting: KIM JEWELL

Kim Jewell

About Kim
I’m a marketing executive and have worked in advertising, marketing and public relations for almost twenty years – both at the corporate level and also in the agency arena. It has always been a goal of mine to take my writing skills from press releases and ad copy to another level – novel work. My first novel, Invisible Justice, was inspired by a dream in early 2009 and was completed that summer. Brute Justice is the second book in this YA series. Likened by readers to X-Men and Heroes, the Justice series is a contemporary take on teenage super heroes.
After a bit of prodding, I took a break from the Justice series to start a darker young adult novel entitled Misery’s Fire, a storyline my husband dreamt one night and passed along to me. Misery’s Fire is a crime thriller detailing the life and death of Grant Williams and his subsequent experience in the afterworld. When his demon caseworker, Angelo, couldn’t break his spirit, he exacted his revenge by sending Grant back to the fiery pits of high school. He finds himself in a new – and much younger body – with nothing but a backpack and a school uniform. Grant must learn to survive not only life on his own, but also the horrors of high school – cliques and chicks included.
The storyline covers some heavy topics for teens – gangs, drugs, bullying, violence and death. While the topics are dark, the story is delivered with a sarcastic wit that creates a lighter tone and allows the reader to emotionally connect with the main character, despite his transgressions.
My day job… I am the Director of Development for a regional law firm in Indiana where I oversee the business development and marketing campaigns. My responsibilities include managing the public relations efforts, corporate identity, web site, advertising and external communications, client entertainment and special events, contributions and sponsorships, and market research for our firm’s six offices.  I live in southern Indiana (USA) with my four kids, three dogs, one cat, and one incredibly supportive husband.
Follow me on Twitter: @kimjewell
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For more information about me or my other works, visit my website:

An excerpt from one of Kim's books is at the end of this page.



Invisible Justice - Book #1 in the Justice Series.
Sam Dixon is a fairly typical teenage boy – great parents, active school life, pesky sister – with a nice life. That is until it is turned upside down when he begins to experience crippling flashes of pain that take over his entire body. It doesn’t take him long to realize that these moments of burning torture are changing his body’s makeup and leaving behind extra abilities – heightened senses. His new sight, hearing, touch, taste and sense of smell give him powers beyond anything he thought possible.
A random meeting at the local hardware store connects Sam with another teen – Leesha Conway – who has also experienced similar flashes, and a very different but powerful ability - telekinesis. As they compare notes and try to make sense of what is physically happening to them, a mystery unfolds. Each clue they uncover brings more questions to the table, and thus begins the search for the person that is responsible for both the pain and the powers left with them.
Dr. Carl Blevins is the man they seek, the one who can give them all the answers. His medical education, combined with his special unit military training, has given him the knowledge he needs to play God with people’s lives. His goal is to create an army of super humans equipped to do his bidding.
Blevins’ past experimentation on adults – conducted in clinical trials during a military research project – ended in death and disaster. Not wanting to give up, he transferred his medical practice to obstetrics and, unbeknownst to the military officials that pulled the plug on the dangerous experiment, restarted his work on newborns. The combination of dormant drugs he administered in the neonatal unit was designed to kick in as each patient’s body matured fully, allowing them to realize their added potential.
As Sam and Leesha look for answers, they discover a list of other teens who could be just like them, and find two more to add to their research team. Lexi, Sam’s twin, experiences her series of flashes shortly after Sam’s are nearing the end – and finds her gift is the ability to make her body transparent. Clint, the fourth to join the team – and unaffected yet by any flashes – is mysteriously sent by the evil Dr. Blevins to help in the team’s efforts. Little do they know it has always been part of Blevins’ plan to reunite his kids to work together as a unit.
The four work together to uncover a number of professionals who aided in the medical experiment seventeen years ago, which leads the team on a cross-country trip to interview a pathologist that may have valuable information and ultimately lead them to Dr. Blevins. The teens combine their powers to search for the truth, which takes them down a dangerous journey, but one that is filled with new bonds of friendship and camaraderie.
Invisible Justice can be found at:
Barnes and Noble:
Brute Justice:
Book #2 in the Justice Series - Brute Justice is the sequel to Invisible Justice.
Clint's painful flashes of transformation are leaving him with brute strength. He's the fourth in the group to realize his special abilities. Sam's heightened senses, Lexi's invisibility and Leesha's telekinesis round out the team of super powers. The burning fire and resulting abilities leave them with a number of questions only one man can answer.
Dr. Carl Blevins is the evil genius behind their powers, but approaching him may be somewhat treacherous. They've already rescued a mother and daughter that Blevins ordered kidnapped, then watched him kill the bumbling kidnappers in cold blood. The fact that the man has reinvented himself with a new name, face and business leads them to believe he is not yet ready to be discovered.
While they search for more clues to their identity, they find Jade, another teenager just like them. She shares the same birthday, and has gone through the painful transformation process, but has no evidence of an ability. Just one more mystery the team will have to solve as they work their way towards the answers they seek.
Brute Justice can be found at:
Barnes and Noble:
Misery’s Fire
Misery's Fire is a teenager's account of his time in Hell. When the demons couldn't torture him, they sent him to a place more gruesome - high school.
"When I found myself in Hell I learned several things. One, there really is a Devil and he does rule over Hell.
Two, an eye for an eye does not extend to the lives of the gang members who did not personally kill your sister.
Three, when you splash gasoline all over a body shop you also splash gasoline on yourself.
The fourth and most important lesson I learned was before you light the match with the intentions of burning down the gas station and killing the man that murdered your sister, you would be wise to leave the building instead of waking him up so he could see you pass your judgment on his life.
In Hell, everyone is assigned their own demon caseworker. His job is to make sure you're as unhappy as possible and Hell lives up to its reputation. Much to my caseworker’s disappointment, after living through my sister's death, none of the levels of Hell they created for me had the desired effect. I told him after living through the agony of high school, I thought I could endure all he had to offer. So he promptly beamed me back to the fiery pits of high school."
Misery’s Fire is a crime thriller detailing the life and death of Grant Williams and his subsequent experience in Hell. When his caseworker, Angelo, couldn’t break his spirit, he exacted his revenge by sending Grant back to the fiery pits of high school. He finds himself in a new – and much younger body – with nothing but a backpack and a school uniform. Grant must learn to survive not only life on his own, but also the horrors of high school – cliques and chicks included.
Misery’s Fire can be found at:
Barnes and Noble:
(Misery’s Fire will be out in paperback in the near future.)


Invisible Justice - excerpt

Chapter One

It blasted him like a sucker punch. Sam wasn’t sure where the pain came from, but the burning sensation radiated from his temples all the way down to his ankles. His body was immobilized and seized by a flash of fire. The wind rushed out of him. He dropped to his knees on the kitchen floor. He clamped his eyes shut, not daring to open them.
Son of a... What is this pain?!  Oh my God! My head… Is it a stroke? Can’t breathe… Heart attack? Why won’t it stop? What’s wrong with me?
Then it left, as quickly as it came. The flash of torture disappeared. Sam sat on the cool tile and raked shaking fingers through his short, sandy blond hair.
What just happened?
The burning, still fresh in his memory, made him wish someone was home. His mother would be home soon, or he could call his dad at work. But Sam didn’t want to worry either of them. Especially since now everything seemed normal again.
Well, almost normal. He shook his head and realized that there was something new going on inside his brain. Not pain. But a sense of something extra.
Still lightheaded, he got to his feet and reached for a glass from the cupboard. He turned on the tap and the stench assaulted his nose. He glanced down – the water looked clear, but he could vividly smell the iron and fluoride as it ran out of the faucet.
Maybe it’s just my imagination. I can’t be smelling fluoride in water. What does fluoride even smell like? And is that calcium carbonate? What – how do I even know what that is?
For a boy of sixteen, and one that didn’t pay much attention in his general chemistry class, he couldn’t figure out why these thoughts filled his head – let alone how he could smell and identify each of the particular elements themselves.
A loud sound, something like a bowl of cereal crackling distracted Sam. He turned to peek out the curtains and saw a bicycle in the driveway. Just the neighbor kid, riding his bike after school. He headed back towards the kitchen, and then froze.
How in the world can I hear bicycle tires on the sidewalk?
Standing still, he closed his eyes to test his ears. What else could he hear? The quiet hum of the refrigerator, Mr. Parker’s lawnmower from across the street, the television in Sam’s upstairs bedroom that always stayed on, which resulted in constant nagging from his mother. But there was more.
He could hear the toilet flush from the basement bathroom in the house next door. He knew that sound didn’t come from his house, since he was home alone. So how exactly could he sense the specific location of that sound?
A squirrel scurried up one of the trees in the back yard. Without even looking, he knew from the sound that it was the papery bark of the birch tree in his mother’s flower bed. And further back, he could hear the gum balls falling from the sweet gum tree – the tree his father always griped about – from Old Lady Cullen’s house, whose property butted up against theirs.
How can I hear all of this? And will someone please shut that dog up?!
Suddenly he realized that the dog was Buttons – the poodle from two blocks over that never left the house except for his morning exercise. He only knew the bark because he heard it every morning on his way to school when he passed Buttons and his very nice looking owner as they took their morning jog. Buttons always lunged and barked at him, but Sam never minded, probably because he was too busy checking out Jeannie in her spandex.
Okay, this is really weird. What do I do? What do I DO? Get a grip, Sam. You’re not losing your mind. Well, maybe you are. NO, you’re not. Crap. Mom’s on her way home.
He ran upstairs to throw his backpack in the corner of his bedroom, made a quick attempt to straighten up his bed, and threw all of his dirty clothes in the closet. Then he glanced in the bathroom mirror to check for any visible marks from whatever happened. There were none. Big sigh of relief.
Just. Act. Normal. Wait, how did I know Mom was coming home early?
As if on cue, Sam’s mother walked in the door, which only added to the paranoia building in his head. In his mind’s frenzy, he couldn’t figure out if he simply heard her car outside or just sensed that she was on her way home. He didn’t believe in psychic abilities or sixth senses. If it couldn’t be seen or proven, it didn’t exist, simple enough.
“Hey kiddo, how was school today?” she said, watching Sam run awkwardly down the stairs. “What’s wrong? Do you feel okay? You look a little pale.”
“Uh, no… I’m fine. School was fine. Good. Why are you home so early?” He winced, knowing he sounded strange.
“Your sister has that cheer meeting… Are you sure you’re okay?” She didn’t sound convinced, and her eyebrows pinched together as she looked at him closer.
“Yeah, mom. I’m fine. What’s for dinner?” Not that he was even remotely hungry.
“Well, that sounds more like you. Actually, I’m just here to get her forms and run – Lexi is waiting on me at school. Can you just grab something?”
“You’re sure you’re okay?” She looked hard at him once again. “I can stay home…”
“No, Mom, go. I’m fine, really.” Get out of here so I can think.
“Okay, if you’re sure. But call me if you need anything.”
He knew his mother hated his one-word responses, but he really wasn’t in the mood for conversation at the moment. He just needed a few quiet minutes to think. Quiet. Right. As if I can’t hear football practice from halfway across town.
As soon as she left, Sam sprinted upstairs and got out his laptop and hit the power button. While he waited, he decided a hot shower might clear his head. Turning on the water, the stench invaded his nose again, and he decided that dinner was definitely out of the question for tonight. As he stepped into the spray, he realized that something felt different. Not only did the water feel too hot, but the pressure was much harder than he’d ever experienced.
That’s strange. I always set the temperature the same way. Great. Does that mean my skin’s affected now, too?
He readjusted the temperature to a cooler setting and closed his eyes. The water hit his shoulders and echoed off the walls. He could hear the soapy water as it circled through the drain and down the pipes through the house and under the ground. But the new pressure felt good, and relaxed him, despite the noise.
Clear your head. Clear your head. Good. Now let’s do a little research, figure out what’s going on.
School was easy for Sam. His grades were so good that his sister called him a geek because he never had to study. He also had an uncanny skill with computers and could find just about anything he wanted to know by researching on the web.
If there is something medically wrong with me, I’ll find it.
Dried off, dressed and rejuvenated, he sat down at his desk. Once the Internet popped up, he typed in “heightened senses.” He found thousands of hits from World of Warcraft to comic book heroes. With “super smell” he found any product one could hope for – from home air fresheners to antihistamines. His “hearing” results ranged from hearing aids to radio woofers. He could find absolutely no connecting medical information on any of the search terms he plugged in.
After almost an hour of fruitless research, his head swam in pure frustration. He sat down at the edge of his bed, laid back and closed his eyes. Through the floor his feet could feel the traffic outside, the car engines purr and the tires bump along the potholes. His nose could sense the just-before-rain drizzle as it mixed with the oil and dirt on the roads and sidewalks. His ears – now buzzing with new sounds – honed in on an argument between two small children a few houses down as they fought over who got to ride the scooter next.
Then, all of a sudden, it just stopped. After a couple of hours of the constant noise and sensory static, it seemed as if everything totally shut off. His eyes flew open and he sat up in one jerky move. He brought his fingers to his ears and snapped.
Ears, check. Eyes, check. Nose…
Looking for something to test his nose on, he grabbed the nearest basketball shoe on his floor.
Check. Well, seems like everything’s back to normal. Is that good? What the…?
Sam had to get out of the house. He needed fresh air and greasy fast food. Once he started the ignition, his mind settled a bit, knowing that the radio was exactly the right volume – where he always kept it – loud, but not “drive your neighbors crazy” loud.
Heading out of his subdivision, he turned towards the burger joint on Broadway Avenue. It wasn’t his favorite food, but since his best friend Ty worked there, he knew he might get a freebie in his bag. Pulling into the drive-through, Ty’s voice greeted him through the intercom. He waited for Ty to finish his usual greeting before placing his order.
“Yeah, I’d like an order of crab legs, three tacos, a funnel cake and a keg of Guinness. And make it speedy.”
“Hey Sam! Very funny… What do you really want?”
“Uh, I guess the double cheeseburger combo – make it with onion rings and a root beer.”
“You got it, come on around.”
Sam and Ty had been friends since the third grade, when they had to endure Mrs. Fisher together. Ty was new to town, and had the good fortune of sitting next to Sam on his first day. They had been getting each other out of trouble ever since. And sometimes into trouble.
As they grew older, they began to share everything: forts, secrets, homework, sports activities, and stories about girls – including the various theories on how to get past first base. As they grew older, their bond had only grown stronger. There really wasn’t anything one couldn’t – and didn’t – tell the other. Sam had one sister, Ty had two – so the two of them were as close to brothers as best friends could be.
He drove around the corner and up to the window and his friend greeted him with his normal crooked smile.
“Hey bro. What’s up?” Ty handed the drink through the window.
“Not much. Just getting some grub. What time are you off tonight?”
“Eight.” He handed Sam a bag much bigger than it should have been, had it only held a cheeseburger and onion rings.
“Cool. Call me later?”
“Will do. Anything wrong?”
“Nah. Just call me. Or text. Whatever.”
Sam took a deep breath towards the drive-through window, testing his nose. It smelled like it always did, a fast food burger joint loaded with greasy food. He felt relieved to not have his nose smacked with the smell of each individual ingredient used in the place, glad that he couldn’t hear every bit of chatter in the dining area, and even more comforted that he did not have the names of the chemical components of cooking grease floating around in his brain.
Maybe I just had a mental moment. That has to be it. Like an out of body experience. There is nothing wrong with me. I’m fine.
He turned back to Ty, gave him a reassuring smile and his money. “I’m headed back to the house. Got some homework to do, and will probably catch some of the Cubs game. Thanks for the brew – it’ll go great with the game!”
Ty smiled at him. “See ya, man.”
“Bye. Thanks for the food.” He steered his truck out of the drive-through and headed back towards his house. Sam felt every bump in the road and as he bounced in the cab, he was keenly aware of the knots in his shoulder muscles and the throbbing in his temples.
Gotta shake this off…

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