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Saturday, 24 September 2011

New Writing Competition

I have been away from the site for much too long … Bad, Soooz.

We have a Brand Spanking New Contest! Yay!! (Cheers from the peanut gallery!)

Okay…let’s roll.

To add to the fun of the new contest on Authors On Show we are now offering a marvelous opportunity to promote your book. The winner of the fortnightly vote will have their book promoted on the site for the two weeks following the winning announcement, together with buy links and a review by yours truly.

Contest name is…”This Sentence Starts the Story.”

How does it work?

*1…Every fortnight I will post one sentence. That sentence MUST be the opener for a short story .

*2…Wordcount…Minimum 250 words…Maximum…750 words.

*3…Any Genre

*4…Voting rules…This will be a blind vote, the entries will be numbered and otherwise unidentified to make it a contest of writing skills .

*5…The winning entry and author will be headlined on the site until the following fortnights sentence is announced.

* 6…To submit. Send your entry to me at PLEASE NOTE the words “This Sentence starts the story” in the subject line.

*7…When does it start?  Monday 5th September 2011.

*8..When does it end? Last entry accepted will be Sunday 18th September…Voting openson Monday September 19th 2011.

The Sentence for the opening of the contest is ............

“Derek had been driving all night, he crested the hill and swerved violently to avoid hitting the woman caught in the glare of his headlights.”

I look forward to seeing what you clever folks come up with.

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