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Monday, 10 October 2011

SEEN This Week 10/10/11

This week's column is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, who passed away October 5 at age 56. He was a visionary who brought us the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, among other brilliant creations. You may also think of Steve the next time you see a Pixar film.

Thirty days of literary abandon is just weeks away! National Novel Writing Month will once again get underway in November 2011. Can you write 50,000 words in 30 days?

The Next Stop is Croy and Other Stories by Andrew McCallum Crawford was released on Kindle. $3.25 / £2.42. The book contains a collection of published and unpublished stories about the relationship between a son and his father.

Tanya Kach, the young woman abducted and held hostage for over ten years by her school's crossing guard, will have her book Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid released on book shelves October 11.

Kenneth Wayne's Becoming Edward is a light-hearted teen fiction novel for young adults who love paranormal romance. Check it out now at eTLC.

Not a Man was released October 5, exactly nine months since author Marjorie McRae signed her contract. For the moment, it is free on Smashwords.

Romance authors: Adrian Lionheart McCallum is available to pose on romance novel covers. This Scottish native will be posing for some of Kristal McKerrington's covers and is looking for anyone would like to have a real Scottish warrior on theirs. Click here to add him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @LionheartUK.

Been rejected countless times by agents/publishers? Going the self-publishing route? Read a great post by author Hannah Warren to find out what you have in common with Beatrice Potter, Virginia Woolf, Joseph Heller, John Grisham, George Orwell, Deepak Chopra, Edgar Allan Poe, and many, many others.

The Hot Author Report published a terrific interview and background with Jeff Lee October 5.

Jessica Degarmo's The Storm Within was the October 8 feature on Daily Cheap Reads.

Tim Roux offered a Night Publishing status update this past week. Click here for additional details.

Kristen Stone received three emails from Ether Books to say they accepted all three stories she'd submitted. Two stories will be paid downloads and the third a freebie for two weeks, followed by paid download. Go here to download the app for your phone. It will take a couple of weeks for the books to become available, but look out for Perfect Partners, Health of the Nation and If the World Hadn't Changed.

Do you have news that you'd like to see in an upcoming column? Either post it on a related site or email before the following week. Also follow me on Twitter @lacarrington1.

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