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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Publisher Profile: XoXo Publishing

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A publisher of various genres of ebooks out of the ordinary, XOXO Publishing™ is a division of Ninni Group Inc.

XoXo Publishing was established in 2006 to ensure fair opportunities for authors, poets, artists, photographers, animators, mini-clip producers and the media industry at large. Their goal is to become one of Canada's top micro eco-publishing companies that caters to everyone, regardless of their preferences; its mission is to let readers explore a private place for reading pleasure and transported to a world of infinite possibilities.

This innovative publisher believes in the production of high-quality fiction and non-fiction e-books. Customers, readers, authors and artists are just a few who make this company move forward to create more job opportunities, educational training such as internships for new students, graduates and home-based parents, people on disability, and help others achieve success in their lives.

XoXo Publishing strives to publish top literary fiction and non-fiction e-books to suit all reading styles, increase learning experience through the written word and other electronic means. Visit their online bookstore at this link.

Many XoXo Publishing ebooks are also available at online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Facebook: XoXo Publishing

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