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Monday, 28 November 2011

Submissions Are Back

Authors on Show started as a showcase for unsung authors who were yet to be published and who were seeking representation. As time went on and the team dwindled due to other commitments, things changed as there was little time to check all the submissions that came in due to our resounding success. Within seven months we were not only being checked out by top agents and publishing houses, but were nominated as one of the best writing sites in the world and came in the top twenty. Well, we are going back to showing those who want an agent or a traditional publishing deal and we hope you’ll help us to find the best books and writers there are around.
Due to my spiritual work that has taken off in a way I least expected, I am now unable to devote the time needed to Authors on Show and asked if anyone could help. Ian Smethurst is my Knight in shining armour and is stepping into the breach. It is he who suggested we change things back to the way they were and, as he is prepared to take on the work required to enable this, I have said yes. Keep your eyes glued for the changes that will soon be coming and if you would like to submit your work to us or have any suggestions to make about another author you think worthy of us promoting, please let us know by writing to
If any of you are interested in helping Ian with the huge task of running this site to its exacting high standards, please contact him and let him know as he’d love to hear from you. I am delighted to say L  Anne Carrington (Lori) will be continuing with her brilliant posts and weekly updates as normal. What would we do without her? Thanks Lori, thanks Ian and thanks to all of you for your continued support.
Lorraine x

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