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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Author Profile: Ann Rule

Ann Rule (born Ann Stackhouse October 22, 1935, in Lowell, Michigan) is an American true crime writer. Her latest book, Don't Look Behind You, was released worldwide on November 29, 2011.

Ms. Rule graduated in Creative Writing from the University of Washington, with minors in criminology and psychology. She also holds an AA degree in law enforcement, taking classes in crime scene investigation, arrest, search and seizure, crime scene photography and forensic science. She's lectured in seminars all across America to detectives, prosecutors, and the FBI Academy. Her subjects have been serial murder, high profile offenders, and women who kill.

She has lived in the Seattle area for many years, growing up in Michigan and Pennsylvania. She also lived in Texas, Oregon, and near Niagara Falls. Her earliest ambition was to be a law enforcement offer, since her grandfather was a Michigan sheriff. At age 21, Ms. Rule joined the Seattle Police Department, where she was an officer for 18 months, but couldn't pass the eye exam.

After five years' worth of rejection slips, Ms. Rule sold her first article for $35. She found her niche writing for the fact-detective magazines such as True Detective in 1970, penning more than a thousand homicide cases, and attending hundreds of trials. She is perhaps best known for her first book, The Stranger Beside Me about Ted Bundy, but had a book contract to write about an unknown killer six months before Bundy was identified as the "Ted Killer." She'd previously known him - and didn't realize it - as her partner in the all-night shift at Seattle's Crisis Clinic many years before.

She write two books every year--one hardcover single-case book, and one Ann Rule's True Crime Files original paperback. Although popular belief is that she writes only about the Northwest, she travels to where cases are most interesting, publishing best-selling crime books about murder cases in Florida, Georgia, New York, Kansas, Texas, Hawaii and California.


To choose a book subject, Ms. Rule goes through about 3,000 suggestions from readers, seeking "anti-heroes" whose eventual arrest shocks those who knew him/her: attractive, brilliant, charming, popular, wealthy, talented, and much admired in their communities on the surface, but totally different characters beneath their masks.

Ms. Rule raised five children to adulthood as a single mother, starting out with articles for baby care magazines, Sunday features, true confessions, and articles for Cosmopolitan, Ladies' Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, and Reader's Digest.

She enjoys staying in close touch with her readers, doing such with a weblog/ guestbook and her official web site. The site and weblog also gives readers an opportunity to interact with one another.

Ann's waterfront home/writing cottage in Puget Sound are for sale. Find more details here.

Ann Rule also signs copies of her books for readers via mail, which can be sent to the following address: P.O. Box 98846 Seattle, WA 98198


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