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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Publisher Profile: Grit City Publications

Authors and artists who are looking for a publisher willing to take on more "edgy" work when most mainstream houses aren't willing to take a risk should take a look into Grit City Publications.

Grit City Fiction is open for emotobook submissions. The "emotobook" term was coined by Grit City's creative staff and such books use abstract, emotional representations of what the characters feel and experience during peak moments of tension.
The Gritty Story and Serial (from the Grit City web site):
Grit City is a dark and calamitous world, where the nefarious rule. Dillon Galway is an idealistic freelance journalist in his mid-twenties, who barely scrapes out a living reporting on corruption for the Grit City Times and his own blog.

Dillon remembers the city as an ideal place to live, before the murder of his Father and the rise of the Lebedev Syndicate. All meaningful power in business, politics and law enforcement are now funneled into the hands of this wealthy organization.

He works tirelessly to reestablish opportunity and peace, and relies on the sexy and sultry Alyssa Stephano (gun for hire) to help when situations require her nickel plated Colt .45 revolvers.

But in the shadows of the back alleys, whispers stir in the underground of an unnamed force. Something or someone that’s determined to upset the status quo. When Dillon is tipped about horrifying activities he’s propelled into a perilous investigation that may lead to dire consequences.

As the series progresses Dillon will face unfathomed challenges, but also gain abilities most consider impossible.

The story style is reminiscent of the old pulps that dominated news stands through the mid-twentieth century, but written in a modern genre style. Grit City’s power lies in its provocative story and eye-grabbing illustrations that enhance the story’s emotional impact. This emotobook is the first of its kind and is redefining how we enjoy modern fiction.

The creative team designed Grit City exclusively for an e-reading audience. The story is serialized into monthly installments of about 30+ pages. Story installments are published each month and sold by several ebook retailers.

Read one installment and you’ll be hooked until the gritty end.


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