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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Author Profile: M. William Phelps

If you've been familiar with M. William Phelps' books or even Investigation Discovery's programming, you will see why I've chosen this fascinating journalist and author for this week's profile. Accomplished and determined, Phelps has garnered many awards for his work, and his current project, Dark Minds, hunting serial killers with a twist, can be seen on Investigation Discovery each Wednesday at 10:00PM Eastern.


Investigative journalist M. William Phelps, a serial killer expert, is the national bestselling, award-winning author of twenty nonfiction books, including five about serial murderers. Winner of 2008 New England Book Festival Award for I'll Be Watching You, Phelps has appeared on over 100 television shows as a crime expert, the USA Radio Network, Catholic Radio, Ava Maria Radio, ABC News Radio and Radio America, who calls him "the nation's leading authority on the mind of the female murderer." He frequently appears on the hit Investigation Discovery show Deadly Women.

He's written for the Providence Journal, Hartford Courant, the New London Day,em>, and has been profiled in such noted publications as Writer's Digest, NY Daily News, Newsday, Albany Times-Union, Hartford Courant, Connecticut Magazine, Suspense magazine, Forensic Nursing, and the NY Post. He also consulted on the first season of the Showtime cable television series Dexter.

Beyond his non-fiction crime work, in 2008 Phelps published a highly acclaimed narrative nonfiction biography of Revolutionary War patriot Nathan Hale: Nathan Hale: The Life and Death of America's First Spy, which was optioned for film by Warner Bros.

In 1996, Phelps's pregnant sister-in-law, Diana Ferris, was savagely murdered in Hartford, Connecticut. Through his writing and work with crime victims, M. William Phelps is on an obsessive quest to not only find his sister-in-law's killer, but the reasons why people kill and what stirs inside the dark minds of serial murderers, hence the name of his latest Investigative Discovery project, Dark Minds.

His thriller series, introducing Boston PD Detective Jake Sundance Cooper, is closer to publication.

When time permits, Phelps continues to work on a Christmas story/literary murder-mystery, featuring an old curmudgeon and WW II survivor who, through a little girl, learns a great lesson in redemption and accountability.

Too Young to Kill was jus released. This is a book about the Sarah Kolb/Cory Gregory case in East Moline, Illinois. Kolb and Gregory were convicted of murder in the gruesome death and dismemberment of 16-year-old Adrianne Reynolds. Phelps cracked this case open with lots of new and exclusive information rolling out and was able to get deep into the world of the Quad City Juggalo movement (formerly Insane Clown Posse Kids), a culture that will shock some and anger others.

The Christine Paolilla book, focusing on the Clear Lake City, Texas murder of four people is complete. This book, titled Never See Them Again, will be released in hardcover in March 2012.

Phelps' final true-crime book under his current contract with Kensington Publishing is called Kiss of the She Devil (late 2012). This book focuses on the murder of Martha Gail Fulton in Lake Orion Township, Michigan. Gail was a wonderful person and dedicated librarian, shot multiple times as she left work one night. The case involves four suspects—Donna Kay Trapani, Sybil Ann Padgett, Patrick A. Alexander, and Kevin J. Ouelette (all of whom lived in Florida at the time of the murder).


Dark Minds on Investigation Discovery

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  1. I love m william phelps hes literally my favorite author of all time :) i also love his tv show dark minds i love how he can really connect with the family and hes juat amazing