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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Author Profile: Zane Bradey

Zane Bradey is not the typical horror writer. His latest work takes a spin on blending zombies with mental health therapy, a twist that stands out from the average zombie stories.
Zane Bradey was born in Michigan outside of East Lansing, where her still lives with his wife and six children. Horror has always been his genre. He grew up waiting for the Saturday-morning creature feature. While other kids were watching Scooby -Doo, Zane was soaking up Vincent Price films. He remembers watching George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead in black-and-white and thinking, ‘that’s what I want to write!’
Zane’s early writings were short stories, published in anthologies and young fiction magazines. He was even more successful with literary fiction, but his heart has always been in the horror classics and his mind has always been on zombies. In 2011, Zane Bradey set out to write his first zombie novel,Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy. currently works in a mental health setting. Observing the cases of those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder gave Zane the basic concept of living life as a cured zombie.
Aside from being “the Zombie Guy” Zane Bradey is a full-time husband, father, student, and HR and finance manager. He’s currently working on a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management.

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