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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Author Profile: Tim Kreider

Tim Kreiderwas born and educated in Baltimore, Maryland. His cartoon The Pain — When Will It End? ran in the Baltimore City Paper from 1997 to 2009 and also appeared in The New York Press, The Stranger, Philadelphia Weekly and other alternative weeklies. Fantagraphics has published three collections of his work, The Pain — When Will It End? (2005),Why Do They Kill Me? (2006), and Twilight of the Assholes (2011).
He was featured in Ted Rall’s anthology Attitude 2: The New Subversive Alternative Cartoonists(2004). His essays have appeared in The New York Times, Film Quarterly, and The Comics Journal, and have been frequently anthologized.
Tim Kreider has been stabbed in the throat in Crete, ridden the Ringling Brothers circus train to Mexico City, addressed the Forum on Outer Planetary Exploration 2000-2020 at the Lunar and Planetary Science Institute in Houston, attended a friend’s gender reassignment surgery in Wisconsin, and appeared on ABC’s Nightline and World News Online in futile defense of the late planet Pluto.
He divides his time between a turret in New York City and an undisclosed location on the Chesapeake Bay. He has written a collection of essays titled We Learn Nothing which will be released June 12 by Free Press at Simon & Schuster.

The Pain: When Will It End?
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