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Monday, 9 July 2012

SEEN This Week 7/9/12

This week’s book, event, and author news:
Christine Schwab has released her latest column for Arthritis Today on the challenge of looking great with only three makeup products Click here for more.
Barbara Bentley posted about the 13 red flags of dating, which appeared on
Under shattered skies a psychopath murdered over fifty people at one time, using the energy released in their deaths to capture a demonic archetype and use it to make himself more than human. Read more about the July 15 release of Under Shattered Skies by PD Allen.
The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne got a Waiting Wednesday feature on July 4 Read more here
Want to go to a literary legend’s old haunts with him? Tom Winton just released Four Days With Hemingway’s Ghose on Amazon.
Phyllis Burton’s book Paper Dreams shot up quickly from just over 100,000,000 to just over 100,000 this past week in best seller rankings.
From a Crowded Mind, Vol. 1, a short story collection by David Barber, can be purchased on
Be sure to check out the review of Fran Lewis’Faces Behind the Scenes on David Workman’sblog.
My News for the Week:
Cougars and Studs 4: Stranger Sex is completed and in the publisher’s hands. Look for it to be released on Amazon anywhere between mid-July and early August.
The biography project which I mentioned in an earlier column is on hold for the time being. My subject is very busy with their own current projects. The upside of this delay has given me extra time to complete The Cruiserweight’s Daughter for That Right Publishing.
Do you have news you’d like to see in an upcoming column? Either post it on a related site or before the following week. Also follow me on Twitter@lacarrington1.

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