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Monday, 20 August 2012

SEEN This Week 8/20/12

In my part of the world, it’s almost back to school time, which means many new book releases could be on the way. Be sure to check out your favorite authors and see what they have to offer for the upcoming fall season!
This week’s book, event, and author news:
Denysé Bridger has a gift for everyone: These stories have been written over the course of the past ten years, they’re very diverse in tone and style, and even in the quality of the writing, but she don’t “rewrite” the past. She uses it as her gauge so she is able to see improvement in the crafting of her words. Yes, some need editing, but again, this is old work that she hopes you will all enjoy some part of it – and it’s a 30K volume being offered as a FREE read by a very good publishing house. Read and enjoy!
The long wait is over. Allan Krummenacker spent considerable time editing his new Vlog entry: Creating Tension in Your Story. It’s currently being re-formatted into a publishable form. Also be sure to check it out on YouTube.
Hannah Audrey Warren asks “How many visitors do you have to your blog? What is normal, a lot, insignificant?” Read her entry.
Have you checked out PD Allen’s Multiverse Tales Into the NightIf you haven’t, it’s a great site to visit. offers free basic membership, with premium upgrades, which cost different levels of subscriptions. Unlike many short story writing sites, there is no ‘cost’ element to posting your work, and this is a distinct advantage as visitors won’t have to shuffle their way through a host of other writers’ postings to earn enough to participate. You earn points which can be traded in for periodic upgrades to your membership, and there are other ‘rewards’ in the form of temporary upgrades dependent upon participation. Referring members can also earn additional points.
The release of Joseph Rinaldo’s new novel, A Mormon Massacre, has created quite a controversy. Some believe he is trying to destroy the Mormon Church, some believe he’s trying to take advantage of the upcoming election by releasing it now, and some think he’s just a crackpot who likes rant. What would you think?
Be sure to check out and get your copy of SPOTLIGHT by Carole Foley Bellacera, now on special sale the remainder of this month for only 99 cents.
Goodreads Book Addicts are choosing their ‘Book to read in September’ andBelfast Girls by Gerry McCullough is in the top 10. Vote for your favoriteshere.
ANTMAN! author Robert Adams was rushed to hospital just before his book was published, and underwent a major emergency operation to save his life. He is now slowly recovering, still having treatment, but has not been well enough to do anything about promoting his book. Please read it, friends – a book like no other that you won’t be able to put down. Here are the Amazon Kindle links:Amazon US Amazon UK.
Interested in speculative fiction? Monica Brinkman’s guest August 16 was PJ Hultstrand on It Matters Radio.
Do you have news you’d like to see in an upcoming column? Either post it on a related site or email before the following week. Also follow me on Twitter @lacarrington1.

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