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Monday, 27 August 2012

SEEN This Week 8/27/12

This week’s book, event, and author news:
HarperCollins Canada has launched a new imprint.Find more details in Publisher’s Weekly.
Random House will publish an enhanced Inheritancee-book. Click here to find out more.
Read a nice write up of Front Row Monthly’s Adam Hornyak by Susan Wingate.
Shiralyn Lee will be re-releasing Loving the Pink Kiss in early September 2012.
Tyner Gillies, author of the highly acclaimed novel, The Watch received another five-star review.
A fantastic young adult novel power packed with action, adventure, and suspense. Sure to please readers of all ages, Phoenix Rising is this summer’s must!
Come on over and see the new trailer for Patricia Green’s Journey Family series (NSFW due to spanking content).
Would you ever even consider reading a short story collection out of order?Alex Laybourne wouldn’t. How to Read Short Stories.
A full length novel at only $1.99? 13 ratings all averaging five stars and carries a 4.45 average out of 21 ratings on Goodreads! Have you been touched byTouch of the Gods: The Wager? by D.X. Luc?
The online launch of Tom Gillespie’s Painting by Numbers is just around the corner! Have a sneak peek here.
Find out more about author Mary Aris on Jeanette Hornby’s blog.
In this digital world, Randy Attwood is taking a great leap backward. He’s working on putting together a kick starter project that will turn one of his novellas, The Saltness of Time, into a printed book done on a letterpress in a local artist’s studio and bound at a local bindery that has been in operation since 1885. Find more details at this link.
An article from Bestseller Labs tells how our Amazon Kindle books can be far bigger than we imagined. A recommended read.
My News for the Week:
The Cruiserweight ranked the following on Amazon August 21:
#11 in Kindle Store -Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling
#37 in Books – Sports & Outdoors – Individual Sports – Wrestling

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