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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

SEEN This Week 1/1/13

AOS101Happy New Year to everyone! This is the day when resolutions are made, and of course, our authors and other literary luminaries are once again hard at work.
Did you ever read Sensitivity 101 (now Misguided Sensitivity) and wonder what happened to the main character? Did he find the love, acceptance and happiness he was searching for? You’ll find all you need to know in Philip Nork’s newest book, Life Is a Balance, It isn’t only about you.
Check out Gerry McCullough’s latest interview with Ruth Jacobs.
MUD by Gerald Neal: It’s 1992 and the height of the so called UK ‘Yuppie Recession’. One-time well off people are now desperate – but no one more so than Tim as he wades out into the thick black Thames mud to search a drowned corpse for drinking money. But unknown to him, this act will drag him down deeper than he ever thought possible… into the murky world of London crime at its most evil. He finds some money in the dead man’s wallet but to his astonishment also the phone number of his ex-lover. Available in paperback
Self-publishing, writers in 2013, ghost writing, finding readers – and some favorite writers…find Roz MorrisOn Fiction Writing.
Heavy metal meets traditional Celtic folk melodies in Kathryn M. Weiland ‘sUndercover Soundtrack, a story that spans two worlds.
Need to spice up a slow beginning? Try these tips to make your first chapters fizz with tension.
Lisette Brodey interviewed Eden Baylee at her chateau. Click here to read.
Bond may have a license to kill, but Maxim Gunn doesn’t need one. Why would he, and how would he get one when he’s left the service. Anyway, he has the P.M.’s blessing, and those back room men with no names who run Whitehall, whose mantra may well be, “No matter what, we have got Maxim Gunn, and they have not.” Gunn is the weapon of last resort. When they’ve run out of options, they call him back. No debates, no hand wringing, just get it done. And he does. Find Nicholas Boving’s story about him on Amazon.
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