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Monday, 15 April 2013

SEEN This Week 4/15/13

AOS101This week’s book, author, and event news:
Kelle Groom appeared at the University of Nevada-Reno April 8 and read from her memoir I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl.
George Polley received more positive reviews of his outstanding book The Old Man and the Monkey on Amazon, bringing total reviews to 34, with 30 of them being 5-star, three 4-star, and one 3-star.
Carrie Slager’s blog, The Mad Reviewer, is open for submissions. Her reviews are thoughtful and well-written, she will mark as she sees fit, but doesn’t often score low. She favours YA and fantasy, but has reviewed other books. Go herefor additional information on having books reviewed.
Errol Come Home, the children’s book by Simon Swift, was launched April 11.Click here to like the Errol Come Home page on Facebook.
Be sure to tune in this coming week to The L. Anne Carrington Show, when author and The Lost and Found host Danielle Zwissler is scheduled to be interviewed April 17 and Kristal McKerrington April 18!
Peter Tapsell’s poem, Clowns, was accepted for publication in Ink, Sweat & Tears.
Brian T. Shirley’s book/stage show A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Club will be in Myrtle Beach, SC April 20, The Atlantis Resort, Bahamas April 22 – May 6th. The book is only 99 cents on Kindle or NOOK. 

My News for the Week:
I was a guest April 9 on The Lost and Found with Danielle, where I discussed my latest book Klass Act, among other things. Part two of the interview can be heard at this link.
Klass Act got its first review on Barnes and NobleRead it here The entire Cruiserweight Series published thus far is also avaliable for Nook.
Do you have news you’d like to see in an upcoming column? Either post it on a related site or email before the following week. Also follow me on Twitter @lacarrington1.

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  1. Hi, love your work! Great blog. I had a bit of trouble opening these links in the post though. Thought I'd give a heads up.