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Lorraine is the founder of Authors on Show and although she takes an avid interest popping in from time to time, she has handed over the general day to day management to Lori who is now running it on a daily basis.

Busy with her spiritual work, which has taken off in a much bigger way than she anticipated, this is leaving her little time for anything else at present. She hopes to be back at Authors on Show in a more hands-on approach sometime in the future, but is happy to leave things in Lori's capable hands for as long as she is able to be here.

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Lorraine Holloway-White

About the author

People are often confused about my beliefs due to me writing about God and yet also talking of and writing about mediums (a word I detest). Let me explain.

Man made mediums in classes based on spiritualism and new age ideas are something very different from the supernatural gifts of God as seen in many of our saints. However, the two are very often confused and this is what I teach about. The first is what I despise and the second is what I hope to bring people to recognise as being the true gifts of God.

There are many today born with natural supernatural gifts who mistake them for being the same as the things we see all over the television, on stages and in the media. With nowhere for those not wanting spiritualist/man made ways to go for advice, I have tried hard to reach as many of them worldwide as I can, in order to advise and educate about these differences.

Apart from this work, I have written a political expose called Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds, "The Simple Truth" plus two books of fiction, It's in Their Eyes and the sequel, Hartford.

The two books I would highly recommend anyone seeking answers about genuine mediums are Are Mediums Real?
The Spirit World Speaks ( a title given to reach as many as possible and not just those who believe in God)

If you've read any of my books and enjoyed them, a review on Amazon would be most appreciated - thank you 

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