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Lorraine is the founder of Authors on Show and although she takes an avid interest popping in from time to time, she has handed over the general day to day management to Lori who is now running it on a daily basis.

Busy with her spiritual work, which has taken off in a much bigger way than she anticipated, this is leaving her little time for anything else at present. She hopes to be back at Authors on Show in a more hands-on approach sometime in the future, but is happy to leave things in Lori's capable hands for as long as she is able to be here.

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Lorraine Holloway-White

About the author

Lorraine Holloway-White is also known throughout the world as, A Sceptical Medium. The reason for this is because she checks where everything she gets during her readings comes from as much as anyone is able. She does not accept that everything some people get comes from the right place or from a high energy. A believer in God  she always gives credit to Him for all her work and as she respects all beliefs and unbelief's people might have she only asks that they respect hers also.

Lorraine is a natural born medium, natural healer, author and spiritual advisor who helps people worldwide. She is determined to educate others about the perils of some teachings seen in forced mediumship and healing, but her main task is to help those who are themselves possibly natural born mediums, and who have nowhere to turn to for help or advice. Those who have not been born with the gifts have no understanding of what it is like to discover at an early age that one is 'different' from others. Many things happen that can leave them confused and bewildered as things come and go for many years until one day, it all gets to a point where they need help in understanding what's going on. She helps with that confusion as much as she can.

High prices charged, entertainment style mediumship with dramatics and silly voices are also on her hit list. It is her direct approach and honesty that people like most about her as she advises how these gifts should really be used and not abused.

Her understanding is, there is no one in this world who is able to prove life after death, but also, that there is no one who can disprove it either. This is a subject matter that causes a lot of discussion amongst believers, sceptics and those who just don't know what to think of it all. It can cause a lot of heated discussion and Lorraine hopes that her books and teachings help some people find something they can relate to in what she has to say.

Like most genuine and natural mediums, she enjoys success without the need to charge huge sums of money for anything she does and her reputation with clients all over the world speaks for itself. She now does public speaking trying to educate people about natural and forced mediumship, how she wants to see teaching methods changed and entertainment style shows recognised for what they really are. Although 'shows' on mediumship have a place in educating about the possibility of life after death, she feels they have got out of hand and need to be limited in size with amounts charged for ticket prices reduced.

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See more of Lorraine on her website by CLICKING HERE averaging 300-400 viewers daily
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